Crim’s Trailer Sales in Warren County believes in selling and maintaining high quality trailers. It’s easy to buy a trailer, but taking care of your trailer may not always be. We want you to keep your trailer running smooth for as long as possible. Before you take each trip, it’s important to make sure your trailer is in tip top shape. Here is our checklist:

1. Tires

The tires of your trailer take the the brunt of the work that your trailer goes through. Whether you’ve been carrying light loads or heavy loads, it’s important to check your tires. You should be checking the tire pressure as well as the amount of tread on the tires. If it looks like your tires are not doing well, then you should replace them immediately.

2. Lights

Lights are incredibly important for safely carrying loads. Make sure that you get a friend help confirm that the brake lights and turn signals are working properly. These lights are fundamental to trailer safety, so make sure you don’t skip out on this.

3. Breakaway Switch and Breakaway Brakes

Breakaway switches and their batteries are fundamental to safety. These are designed to safely stop the brakes on the trailer. Make sure that these are both operating properly before you even attempt to go out with your trailer. This system is your emergency back up plan if something goes horribly wrong.

4. Trailer Brakes

Brakes are incredibly important to any trailer. You should be testing out this system every time before you use it. Trailer brakes are something you must always make sure are maintained properly. If you think something may be wrong with them, then you should contact a professional.

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