Crims Trailer Sales in Warren County is always looking for some tips that can help our customers. Trailers are a great addition for any home, especially in the Summer. We want you to get the most out of your trailer–whether it’s moving, going on a trip, or for utility purposes, we’ve got your back. Here are 5 ways to upgrade your trailer this Summer!

1. Upgrade to LED Lights

The taillights of your trailer go through the most damage because of how often it gets jostled around and how close it is to the elements. Sealed LED lights are the perfect solution because they can withstand the elements.

2. Get a Trailer Hitch Light

Loading a trailer in the dark is the worst, and sometimes you simply don’t have a flash light handy. Installing a removable hitch light is the perfect solution. Having this light will insure that you’ll never have to load your trailer in the dark again. These lights are also weatherproof!

3. Install a E-Track Tie-Down System

E-Track systems keep your equipment perfectly tied down and safe. Having an E-Track system means that you will never have to look for a secure spot ever again…It’s already there. Loads that are not properly secured cause so many accidents a year, do not be a part of that statistic. This is an easy solution to insure that you’ll always be able to properly secure your loads.

4. Install a Ramp

Installing a ramp will make loading whatever you have way easier. If you have back problems this is also the perfect solution for you. You don’t even have to install a fancy ramp. All you need are 2 2x8s cut to your preferred length and an aluminum ramp kit. If you install it properly, you’ll save your back and your time.

5. Keep a Spare Tire for Your Ramp

Trailer breakdowns happen when you least expect it, and they are a huge nuisance. Invest in a spare tire for your trailer and get a spare tire carrier that can be easily mounted to your trailer. That way you’ll have it exactly where you need it!

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