Working in trailer sales out of Warren County, we know more than anyone how hard it can be to keep a well organized trailer, especially as a contractor. Hauling all of the tools and materials you need, it can get cluttered fast. Though, working with professionals over the years, we’ve picked up a couple tricks. Here are 3 hauling hacks that the experts swear by.

1. Turn Soda Bottles Into Storage

If you’re a contractor and using trailers to serve all your sales in Warren County, it’s important to use your space wisely. For us, nothing is worse that losing small materials like nails, screws, nuts, bolts and all the the hardware you need to do the job right. It turns out, empty plastic soda bottles make the perfect container. Just attach an eye bolt to the lid, cut an opening in the front of the bottle, and you have a hangable dispenser perfect so you don’t lose anything. Hang them up and you’ll never lose that important hardware again.

2. File Cabinets, Not Just For Paper

If you take the drawers out of file cabinet and set it down horizontally with the empty sides facing up, you have a perfect place to store rakes, shovels, brooms, mops, and everything you need for a gig. In addition, you can attach hooks on the side to hang duct tape, gaff, bungee cords, and everything else you need.

3. Put Trash Bags on a Roll

No matter what kind of job you’re doing, there’s going to be trash. Nothing is more annoying than digging through a box trying to unroll and separate out trashbags. Don’t fight unrolling, use it. Mount a dowel in your truck and roll trash bags on it so the next time you need to trash something, it’s just as easy as getting a paper towel. Also keeping clutter off the floor means you have that much more room for storage.

Want More Tips?

Of course, these are just a couple tips to help you make storage in your trailer more efficient for your contractor sales in Warren County. For more information, check out our best tips for beginner haulers. Of course for any of your hauling needs, don’t hesitate to contact Crim’s Trailer Sales. Since 1971, Crim’s has been supplying the valley with the very best in trailers, trailer accessories & trailer service. We take pride in providing the finest customer experience possible! We carry only the very best, highest quality trailer brands on the market. Whatever your trailer based needs are, we’d be happy to help.