You’ve bought a trailer for the first time or thinking of trailer sales in Warren County and now you want to learn how to load and haul it. Crim’s Trailer have you covered! Here are some tips to help make it as easy as possible:

Prepping your Trailer:

  • Make sure to use tie-downs and ropes to secure your cargo on your trailer – you don’t want anything to fly off!
  • In most cases you should load heavier things on to the front of your trailer – but always double check with your trailer manufacturer.
  • Do not, not evenly disperse your load – instead keep about 60% of the weight upfront.

Now that your trailer is hooked up there are a few things you should do while driving to avoid dangerous situations:

  • Do not exceed 55 miles per hour.
  • Leave 4 to 5 seconds of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. This will give you more time to react if the car in front of you stops suddenly.
  • Wear your seatbelt.
  • Make sure you are alert the whole time you are driving – no eating lunch in your vehicle while you are towing your trailer!
  • Make wider turns so that your trailer does not hit the curb.
  • Do not speed up or brake if your trailer starts swaying instead take your foot off the gas pedal.
  • When going downhill you should use the same gear as going uphill.
  • Always slowdown when you are driving downhill.
  • Give yourself more space when passing.

If you haven’t purchased a trailer yet our trailers are built tougher and priced lower than anywhere we know of. For trailer sales Warren County offers near you, reach out to us to find aluminum, enclosed, landscaper trailers, and others. Contact Crim’s for all of your trailer needs today!